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The Australian climate means that many of us spend a great deal of time outdoors; when we’re at home, relaxing on the deck is the perfect way to conclude the day. A great deck also adds value to any property – especially when it’s well-maintained. With the average deck costing between $30,000 and $40,000 to replace, it makes sense to protect this valuable asset.

Whether your deck needs to be completely resurfaced to bring it back to its former glory days, or just given a freshen up to ensure it survives and thrives in the Queensland climate, Deck Revive has the answer. We offer a full resurfacing service, including replacing any rotten timber decking, removing stains and imperfections, sanding, staining, oiling and polishing. When resurfacing a timber deck, it is vital that the products and methods used are correct, otherwise its longevity could be compromised; as timber resurfacing experts, we’ll ensure the appropriate strategy is applied to the job at hand.

Are you looking for a company that offers deck sanding in Brisbane? Searching for someone who is able to resurface tired, weathered timber? Look no further than the team at Deck Revive!

What do we actually offer?

Here at Deck Revive, we’re not a “jack of all trades”; rather, we master one particular area. We specialise in timber deck resurfacing – in other words, we bring weathered timber back to life, ensuring your deck looks great and remains protected for many years to come. We remove staining and imperfections, before sanding back the timber in preparation for staining, oiling and polishing.

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We can provide you with a range of stains and oils to choose from, ensuring your deck complements your home and reflects the look you want to achieve. We are able to offer a free in-home consultation, providing you with oil and stain samples on timber – making it possible to visualise exactly how the different products will look on your decking.

Many people ask whether we’re able to undertake complete deck replacements and deck repairs. Brisbane clients can expect us to replace damaged or rotten boards during the resurfacing process; however we do not carry out extensive deck repairs, replacements or extensions. Because we’ve chosen to focus specifically on deck sanding, staining, oiling and polishing, we’re able to offer superior workmanship in this area. In addition, we don’t hire sub-contractors – our technicians work for us, meaning we’re able to ensure a high level of workmanship is maintained across all projects. Our in-house team is trained to identify and use the correct techniques and products depending on the project in question.

Our superior timber resurfacing service goes beyond that final application of polish. A “touch up kit” is provided to help you maintain your deck long after we’ve gone – and we’re always more than happy to provide you with advice and information over the phone should you have any questions down the track.

How do we choose the right resurfacing strategy?

If you want your deck to last and look great for many years, then it’s imperative that the correct resurfacing techniques and products are used. After all, not all decks are the same! There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right strategy for your deck. At Deck Revive, we take the time to sit down with you and obtain the finer details by answering questions such as:

  • How old is your deck?
  • What species of timber has been used?
  • What types of nails have been used to build your deck?
  • What products have been used on the deck in the past?
  • Does the deck need sanding?
  • How do you want the deck to look?
  • What will the future maintenance be?


The list goes on….

By finding out more about your deck, we are able to offer a service that is tailored to suit its construction and history. This not only ensures a superior finish, but also results in a deck that looks great and lasts for many years – reducing the likelihood of serious issues down the track.

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When it comes to looking after your deck and ensuring it looks its best, it’s true that the devil is in the detail. The prep work that goes into the timber and the deck itself before being resurfaced is vital. At Deck Revive we assess each deck individually to make sure your deck gets the right treatment – ensuring it looks great and lasts.

If you are looking for a company that offers deck restorations in Brisbane, look no further than the team at Deck Revive. If you have any questions regarding our service or would like some advice regarding the maintenance of your deck, please get in touch today on 0404 353 643. We can provide you with an obligation free quote if required, and also offer free in-home consultations for those interested.

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